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How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

Hello, friends Welcome to WhatsApp tricks world on Tricky Blogging. We have already Discussed Recover Deleted SMS, Whatsapp On PC and How to use Two WhatsApp Account with a Single Phone and much more. Now it’s time to Reveal a new Whatsapp Tricks About using WhatsApp Without mobile Number in 2017. So check out this whole post to know about this awesome post. If you want to use two WhatsApp account in a single phone then you can find here.

WhatsApp Without mobile Number doesn’t mean that you can use WhatsApp without any number, it means that you can use WhatsApp without your number. You can use your Whatsapp with a spoofed number. Spoofed number means a fake number. We will reveal here how you can you activate your Whatsapp with a Fake number.

How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

How to Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

Now you can use a WhatsApp account without having a SIM card. Follow the below steps to get a WhatsApp Without mobile Number.

How to Use WhatsApp Without mobile Number:

1.Uninstall WhatsApp

First of all, uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile Phone

  • Go to Mobile Settings >> Apps >> Whatsapp >> Uninstall

2.Download WhatsApp Again

Now, download Whatsapp again from Google Play Store and install Whatsapp again

  • Go to Google Play Store >> Whatsapp >> Install

3.Disable Your Messaging Service

Now Disable your messaging services by Enabling Flight Mode

4.Open WhatsApp

Now open whatsapp Application and insert your mobile number inside. Now whatsapp will not able to send the message to its server to verify as you have enable flight mode in your mobile.

5. Choose Alternate method

So now WhatsApp say you to choose alternate Methods to verify your mobile Number. Now choose “check through SMS” and enter your email Address.

6. Terminate Mobile Number Authorization Process

Now click on the send button and instantly click on cancel Button. This is required to terminate your mobile number authorization process.

7. Install Spoof Messages App

Now its time for trick .. Install a Spoof Messages apps in your Mobile.

  • Go to Google Play Store >> Search Spoof Text Messages >> Install a Spoof message service

Now go to the outbox and copy the message details Spoofer Application and send it to spoofed verification.

8. Use Spoofed Details

Use given details in Spoofed Message: To: +447900347295 from +(country Code) (mobile number) Message: Your Email Address.

11. Your Whatsapp is ready

After this, a message will be sent to the spoofed number and then you will be able to use this number to connect with friends in Whatsapp.


If spoof SMS service that you have installed is not working with your phone then try to use their alternative. Because this trick will works if your Spoof message service works.

So Tricky Humans we hope that you have liked this article like our other articles. If you have any problem with this trick or have any suggestion then you can easily comment below. Do not forget to share this WhatsApp Without mobile Number trick with your friends also.

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