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How to Share Big Files With Whatsapp

How to Share Big Files With Whatsapp

Hello, friends, this is a new Whatsapp trick about Share Big Files With Whatsapp. There is a problem with whatsapp to Share Big Files With Whatsapp and with whatsapp you can only send Audio, Photos and Mp3 files. You can not send big files of more then 25 MB with your whatsapp. But here we are providing a Solution For this problem, now you can share All type of files like pdf, zip, exe, apk, rar, all types of documents like ppt, XML files, Excel files and also Share Big Files With Whatsapp. If you have accidentally deleted your whatsapp messages then you can recover whatsapp messages.

How to Share PDFs ZIP EXE APK RAR And Share Big Files With Whatsapp :

Sharing big files with WhastApp is not a hard task now. You can simply follow some easy step to achieve this goal. This is a simple trick that anyone can easily follow You may be thinking that

  • Can I share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK Files With Whatsapp ?
  • Can I share Big files With whatsapp ?
  • How to share Big Files with Whatapp ?

Then answer is Yes, you can share any file with your whatsapp easily. Just follow some simple steps and share Any file with your whatsapp easily.


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How to Share Big Files With Whatsapp

Share Big Files With Whatsapp


Step 1: Install DropBox and CloudSend App

First of all install DropBox and CloudSend App in your Mobile

Step 2: Link CloudSend with DropBox

Now open CloudSend, You will be asked to link this with DropBox. Click Allow and give all Permission to CloudSend

Step 3: Share big Files on CloudSend

Share the APK ZIP or big file on CloudSend which you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp.

Step 4: Get the link from DropBox

After it, file will be uploaded to your DropBox server and You will get a link to that file.

Copy the provided link and share this link with your WhatsApp friends.

Step 5: Your Have shared Big Files With Whatsapp

When your friends will open that link they will able to download the file to their mobile.

Now your file will be transferred easily with WhatsApp.


So, friends, this is a very simple trick to Share Big Files With Whatsapp. If you have any problem with this trick or getting any type of error then you can simply comment below with your problem your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

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