Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission

Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission

What is article Submission?

People write the article to get a quality backlink, it is really a very good and easy way to get Dofollow Quality Backlinks to your website. If you are good at writing then it’s easy to get backlinks through article submission. But when you are submitting your article then you have to write some awesome stuff. Sometimes we can’t impress someone with our article because we make some mistake. So we are listing  5 mistakes you should avoid during article submission.

You may have the question in your mind that “How to write a good article for submission” then answer is here.Some new blogger doesn’t know that where they are submitting their article they just write and submit. This is not sufficient you have to improve your writing skill. You must know where are you submitting your article.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission

Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission

Here we have listed  5 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission.  We ensure you that if you follow these steps then you will definitely write a good article for submission. Article submission is very important because this is one of the easiest ways to get quality backlinks. Article submission can increase your writing skill and you can perform well on your own blog as well. So we suggest you read this article thoroughly and follow all the steps that we have discussed here.

1. Submit at right Place

If you have written an article and you are going to submit it then you must know that what is the category of your article ?. You have to select a relevant category for your article because if you select the irrelevant category your article will be thrown out. You have to submit your article on the well-known site that has a decent Alexa rank and has good visitor count on daily basis.

2. Avoid Grammatical Mistake

If your grammar is poor then you have to work on it. Some Popular article submission sites do not accept poor article. You can check your mistakes easily using any online grammar checking tool. If you are using Chrome or Firefox then we will suggest you use the grammarly plugin. This plugin will automatically detect the grammar error and warn you before submitting your article.

3. Make simple as Possible:

Write fair and simple that anyone can understand what you want to say. If you use complicated language you can’t engage your readers. So this is must that your article is readable for everyone. Keep in mind that everyone is not too good in English to read complicated words, so always use the well-known words.

4. Follow the Article Submission Guidelines For Each Site:

You must read the Guidelines of every website before submitting your article. Because if your article and you do not fulfill the conditions of the website then your article will not be going to publish. So must aware and read all the policies of article submission.

5. Don’t Copy Articles

This is the most important factor. We advise you do not to copy any article if you do this you will loose your reputation in their views and you may be blocked. So always write the unique article from your own. Never write a article that is already existing there.


So, guys, these are 5 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Article Submission. New blogger may don’t know about it so we think to publish it that everyone can get a better and successful blogging life.

We hope that you like this post and it helped you a lot. If you have any question or suggestion for us you are welcomed in the comment box. If this post helped you this can help others also so do not forgot to share this with your friends.

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