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How to Make Hard Disk partition without software

How to Make Hard Disk partition without software

Make Hard Disk partition without software

This article is about Make Hard Disk Partition. Many People have a single partition of Hard Drive on their laptop or PC. As result of this their Laptop or PC’s speed will slow down. Because in this case your all Applications and files will be stored in a single partition of your Hard drive in which window is also installed. So you need to make partition of your Hard Disk.

We suggest you make almost four partitions of your hard disk. Make your C drive according to your use. If you are a gamer or use high-quality software like Photoshop, Vegas pro and all then we suggest you to make C drive more than 100 GB. Otherwise, your computer or laptop will be slow down because you will have a less space to install a new program.

How to Make Hard Disk partition without software

Many people think that you can’t only make partition after installation of windows. But it is not true, you can make hard disk partition when you want. So we are solving your problem how to make hard disk Partition.You can easily do it by following some easy steps that are given below.
Below you get how to make hard disk Partition?  this is the very simple process. You are a few step away from making of a new Partition of your Hard Drive.

Make Hard Disk partition without software | Steps:

Step: 1 Click on My Computer

Just right-click on “My Computer” in “Program Manager”

Step:2 Select Manage

 After it left click on “Manage (menu item)”

Step 3: Click on Disk Management

Left click on “Disk Management (tree item)” in “Computer Management”

Step 4: Select Disk

Right click on “Disk” that you want to Shrink

Step 5: Shrink Volume

Left click on “Shrink Volume… (menu item)”

Step 6: Enter Amount

 Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB: (edit)” in “Shrink C:”

Step 7: Click on Shrink

Left click on “Shrink (button)” in “Shrink C:”

Step 8: Got Unallocated Space 

You got a unalloted space just right click on that and select new simple Volume

Step 9: Click Next

Left click on “Next > (button)” in “New Simple Volume Wizard”

Step 10: New Partition is ready

Left click on “New Volume (F:) (window)” in “New Volume (F:)”


After pressing Next many times you will get your new Hard Disk Partition. Please read every instruction before pressing on next button. If you have any problem then you are welcomed in the comment section. We will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.

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