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How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

Increase Traffic On Your Blog

Blogging is a very popular method to make money online. Many people have their blog on the internet but they can’t make enough money. Because they do not have enough traffic to make good money. So here we are giving some tips to you to Increase Traffic On Your Blog. After reading this post you will know to increase your blog traffic easily.

Making a blog does not lead you to make money till you got a decent targeted visitors to your website. Everyone can make a blog but only a few people get the secrets to getting awesome traffic to their website or blog. You need to get targeted visitors because all visitor can’t convert their visit to money for you. There are some nice and genuine methods to get huge traffic to your site that you can read in this post below. This will make a good step towards  Increase Traffic On Your Blog.

We advise you to stay away from the sites that send you traffic for $$. Because this is a not a good trick to get targeted visitors. If you buy visitors from this site then you can see a huge fall in your visitors after some time. So we strongly recommend you to use the tricks that we provided in this Post. These tips to increase your blog traffic are genuine and works for you forever for free.

How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

Website traffic plays very important role in the success of each webmaster. It doesn’t matter however nice your content are, still, you would like to grasp that a way to increase your blog traffic.

By increasing traffic, it doesn’t mean simply obtaining additional and additional guests, Before about to apply the following pointers, you would like to line your goals and objectives, and so target your traffic. Once you can set your goals, then you’ll be able to get additional conversions simply. So you need to know How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog.

How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

1. Content is King:

This is the best thing that drives traffic towards to your blog and engages them with your content.  You have to write awesome content to get more visitors. If you write good content you will automatically get more and more traffic.

If you are going to start a blog then you must know all things about your blog niche. Write an awesome article that explains all the problems of readers. If your articles are easy and clear to understand then you will get more visitors towards your blog and they will like to read more and more articles on your blog.

2. URL :

Your website URL should be simple and eye catching so anyone can remember it easily. We suggest you choose a short URL for your blog because it will help people to remember it.

Do not use brands and trademarks in your URL. eg. Google, Nike because they will shut your blog according to their policies. Choose a Domain related to your Niche because it will help you to rank faster in Google search results.

3. Write Longer Posts:

For better traffic, you need to write long posts. It doesn’t mean that you have to write nonrelevant content. Your article should be long enough that can solve the problems of your reader. Your blog article should be more than 300 words. We suggest you write 500+ words in your article to get more traffic.

4.Do not Copy:

You need to write unique and fresh content. If you copy you will never get any good traffic at all. So write on a new topic always and write in your language.

5. Heading and Subheading:

Always write an article using headings and subheadings that your reader can easily read this. Do not write everything in a single paragraph simply change paragraph when you complete your view. Your article should look eye-catching if it looks a boring article no one will dare to read your article.

6. Ask Readers:

Ask your reader which type of posts they like. When you write a post always say your visitors to ask questions and their problems. With this, you will get an idea of a new article.

7.Focus Keyword:

You need to stay focused in an article. There is no sense to write about an Actor or actress in a Tutorial Post. You need to focus on a keyword in your post and keep this focus keyword into the article title. You can get all this stuff in more details in or SEO article. This will surely help you to Increase Traffic On Your Blog.

8. Images :

You need to use an image related to your content. If your image is eye catching you can easily get more traffic. You can also get visitors through Google images if you have optimized your image according to search engine optimization.

9. Image optimization:

You have to optimize your images before uploading them on your blog. Don’t upload images more than 100 KB because it will make you site slow and this leads to a lower rank in Google search results.

More ways to  Increase Traffic On Your Blog

10. Add Alt tag:

You need to add an alt tag to every image you upload because the image is not a readable thing, so you have to specify the image alt tags.

11. Sitemap Submission:

You need to submit your sitemap to Google, bing and all other popular search engines. Because Google will crawl your website through the sitemap.

12. Google analytic:

Use Google analytics to check stats if your blog. Check out the behavior of your visitors that which post they like more and which post they like less.

13. Website Speed:

Nowadays no one wants to wait, so your website speed plays a very important role to get more visitors. If your website is fast more users you can get. To get a nice Blog Speed we suggest you check out some premium themes at the cheapest price at ThemesCircle.

14. Search Engine Submission:

Submit your website to the leading search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This will help to increase your search engine rank.

15. Social sharing:

Social sharing plays a very important role to get more traffic on your website. If you are a new blogger you have to share your website with your friends and family.

16. Blog Comments:

Allow other people to comment on your blog. With this, you can make some interactions with them and they will defiantly like this thing. Don’t allow spam Comments

17. Stay updated:

You have to update your blog daily so people can get the latest information. If you don’t update your blog on daily basis then you will see the drop in your Blog traffic. Update your old posts with some new information so people will visit more and more on your website.

18.Giveaways and Coupons:

This is one of the best ways to get more and more traffic on your website with this you can give paid themes and plugin to your readers and you will get more visitors.

These are top 20 Ways to Increase Traffic On Your Blog. Hope you like our post to Increase Traffic On Your Blog. If you have any question you are welcomed at the comment box. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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