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How To Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes

How To Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes

Hard Reset Disabled iPhone

There are a lot of fake method to Hard Reset Disabled iPhone on the internet but most of them not working at all. So we are providing a working method to restore an iPhone or iPad. It is not an easy task to reset your iPhone when you forgot your iPhone Passcode. If Find My iPhone is enabled then there is a tough task to get enable your phone. If your Find my iPhone is disabled then you can see simply hard reset using iTunes. It is rare but can be happened with anyone that you will forget your iPhone Passcode. If you forgot your iPhone Passcode and you will try with the wrong passcode to open your iPhone lock then your iPhone will be disabled after some wrong passcode attempt.

After first 5 wrong Passcode attempt your iPhone will be Disabled for 1 minute, But after it, if you try more wrong Passcode attempt it will be disabled for 5 min, 30 min, 1 hour and after it will say you to connect with iTunes. Here we are giving a method for How To Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes?


How to Hard Reset Disabled iPhone Without iTunes?

How To Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes

Here is a simple method to Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes. Here you need that your “Find my iPhone’ will be ON on your iPhone. Then you can simply Erase your iPhone and its Passcode using iCloud. This is a very easy task you can do it in Some Simple steps

Step 1: Connect Your iPhone with PC

First of all, connect your disabled iPhone with your computer which you frequently use to connect your iPhone and select your device and take a backup of your all files and apps.

Step 2: Visit iCloud

After it just visit https://www.icloud.com/#find

Step 3: Select find my iPhone

Select Find My iPhone from the menu that you see

Step 4: Sign in

After it, you will be asked to sign in Once more there.

Step 5: Select Targeted device

After it selects your device which you want to restore or Hard Reset.

Step 5: Erase your phone

After it clicks on erase your iPhone it will ask you to type a mobile number then type your number and sign in once more with your apple id and confirm all the question that is asked.

Step 6: Enable Internet on iPhone

  • After it just enables your internet in your iPhone By just using the Drop Up menu.
  • When your disable iPhone is get Connected to the Internet the iCloud will automatically erase all of your data from your phone. After it restores your backup from your computer and got your phone back as you have it.


Note that if your Passcode is also synchronized then there is a chance that your phone will lock with the same Passcode. Then you have to start your Phone as a New iPhone. So these are two methods for Hard Reset Disabled iPhone iPad Without iTunes.


I have seen at Many places that you can restore your phone by pressing home and power on Button at the same time till the apple logo will appear. After it, you can see a red line which indicates that your phone will be formatted.
this method doesn’t work for me you can try this may work for you 🙂 But the first method will 100% Works.

Hope this post help you to get in touch with your lovable iPhone. So friends please share this post with all of your friends and you want to Hard reset your iPhone with iTunes then you can check out. If you have any Problem or suggestion You are welcomed in Comment Box.

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