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How to Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

It’s not a Joke you can index your every post that you write in just a minute. It is very important that your every post will be get indexed by Google in Just A Second or any other search engine as soon as possible. Because if you are posted a post and that was not indexed by Google then many another competitor will post and get all the traffic on their  Blog or Website.

We have already Posted Index Your Blog Website Fast In Google. These methods will help you after some time when your blog become famous but if you want to get indexed when you publish your post then this method will work for you. So read How to Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second. You may have a question that “Why my new posts are not showing in Google” and ” Why Google not indexing my New Posts” and may be more question. You will get all your question answered in this post.

If you are a new blogger then this method will work for you. But if you are an old blogger and have a good Page rank then you don’t need to use this method. Because Google will automatically index your post when you publish it.

How to Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

Here is a method for How to Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second 

1. Get A Webmaster Account:

If you are a new blogger then, first of all, Register your website on Google Webmaster tools and submit an XML Sitemap. Google will take 1 or 2 days to crawl your website but you can do it yourself for fast indexing.

2. Select the Website

Go to Google webmaster tools and select the blog or website that you want to get indexed.

3. Select Crawl

See in left side menu and Click on Crawl

4. Fetch as Google

After It just select Fetch As Google From the list

Get Indexed By Google in Just A Second

4. Submit your URL

Then Submit your URL in the Box and fetch it is with Google.

Fetch As Google

5. Fetch URL

Fetch your URL for desktop, Smartphone, And the older phone.

6. Check For Indexing

After this, your post will be indexed you can check it by typing Site: Your URL in Google search box.

While submitting your website you must know these issues

Important things to Check

1. Remove URL

Remove your site URL because it is already their ie. if your post URL is then you have to submit only your post in that box. If you submit you will see Redirected when you Submit An URL for fetch as Google. So be aware and submit your site only.

2. Select Desired Option

There are two Options for Submit there one is only this URL and Other is this URL and all connected URL with this page. You have to Select only this if you are going to submit only a single page. If you want to submit the URL that is connected to your page then select URL and all connected URL.

3. Mind the Submission Limit

You can submit only 500 URL per month so be careful while submitting.


This is the trick for Getting Indexed By Google in Just A Second. Hope this article will help you. If you have any question or suggestion for us then leave a comment. Do not forget to share this post with your friends.

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