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How to make a Bootable Pen Drive Without Software

Bootable Pen Drive Without Software

Bootable Pen Drive Without Software

This post about makes a bootable pen drive. DVD and CD are now dead or buried it’s time to use Pen Drive(PD). Latest Laptops and Ultra Books don’t have a DVD or CD reader. People have many problems in making a bootable Pen Drive without software so here is the solution.

Bootable Pen Drive Without Software

The generation of CD and DVD had gone now everyone transfer data with the help of USB pen Drive or Hard Disk. So to change window in your Laptop Or Personal Computer you should know that How to make a bootable Pen Drive. Many People just transfer window files in pen drive and wish that they will install windows with this. They all are wrong because you have to make your pen Drive bootable. You must know how to make partition of Hard Disk without any software.

With the help of this tutorial you can make bootable pen drive for windows XP, 7 Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and windows 10 as well. Making a bootable PD is a very simple process. In this Process, we will use CMD(command Prompt). You don’t need to worry about anything because no deeper knowledge is needed. Just follow the given steps to make your Pen Drive Bootable.

Bootable Pen Drive Without Software | Steps:

Step: 1 Insert Pend Drive in Laptop

Just insert you pen drive into your Laptop Or personal computer.

Step: 2 Open CMD

Now click on start menu And type CMD And open your command prompt.

Step: 3 Open Diskpart

 After it type DISKPART and click enter

 Then a new window will appear just click on YES

Now Diskpart window will appear

Step: 4 Open List Disk

 Then type LIST DISK and click enter

 then list of available disks will appear select your pen drive disk it is almost disk 1 but be careful see size of disk and then select.

Step: 5 Select Your Pen Drive Disk

 then type SELECT DISK 1 (your pen drive disk number) now you see the message that – disk 1 is now selected disk.

Step: 6 Clean Disk

then type CLEAN and hit enter

Step: 7 Creat Partition Primary

 after it type CREAT PARTITION PRIMARY and hit enter you will get a message that partition created successfully.

Step: 8 Select Partition 1

then type SELECT PARTITION 1 and hit enter

Step: 9 Format PD

After it formats your partition type FORMAT FS=FAT32 QUICK and hit enter and wait for 5 sec.

Step: Make your Partition Active

 then type ACTIVE to make active your partition and hit enter

Step: 14 Assign Partition

 Now last step just type ASSIGN and hit enter.

After it just closes your all windows and pastes your all window files in your pen drive or USB hard disk. Your Bootable Pendrive is ready to use.


Now just insert your pen drive in the Laptop or PC in which you want to install the Windows. Now restart your computer and start installing windows on it.

If you have any problem and question then you are welcomed in the comment box.

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