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Best and Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

Best and Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

SEO Techniques in 2017

As you all know that the term SEO is referred to Search Engine Optimization. Latest SEO Techniques in 2017 contains of page SEO and Of Page SEO Both. Creating a Website or a blog is not a difficult task these days. Because you can make a Blog or Website easily using free services like WordPress and Blogger. Difficult is to optimize your blog or website for Better search engine result. But don’t worry if you are going to start your blogging journey then we are here to help you. In this year 2017 many SEO techniques will be changed so we are Posting best and latest SEO techniques in 2017.

If you follow these steps you will get success defiantly. Many people don’t know about SEO. So for them, I will tell you SEO first, SEO is a technique which helps you to get better ranks in Google search results. Latest SEO Techniques in 2017 are very important to rank you higher.

SEO have two Parts one is on page SEO and the Other one is Off page SEO. Both are important to get a higher rank and get more visitors. Here we are providing the Latest SEO Techniques for both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

Best and Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

Here are all the important factors are given that are included in Latest and Best SEO Techniques in 2017.

On page Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

1. Quality Content:

We can say that this is not a technique because this is an essential thing to start an online Blog. The quality of your article will always a major factor for your SEO. If you are a new blogger then note that never copy the article from other blogs. Copy Paste will never help you to get high rank and you will be caught by the search engine if you copy anything from other blogs. If you are not good in English then, first of all, improve your writing skill. If you do grammatical mistakes then you will never rank high.

So to avoid grammar mistakes and write quality content we suggest you install a plugin named Grammarly. This plugin is available for both firefox and Google Chrome. Grammarly will automatically detect your grammar error or any spelling mistake in your article and warn you to improve it.

2. Focus on a Keyword:

Your article should be focused on a keyword. Make a focus keyword and write related to it. As an example, if you are writing about SEO then never talk about music. Your article Should be 500+ words. Repeat your focus keyword in your article. Your focus keyword Density will be 0.5% to 2%.

These days Google is updating their policies for search results frequently so we suggest you to increase your content quality that will help you more.

3. Optimize Your URL

When you are going to publish a post then you have to edit your Post slug. Just keep your Focus Keyword in it and then Publish.Change your slug to name of post – Bad For SEO  -Good for SEO

4. Optimize Title & Description

You Must have to write your focus keyword in the title of your post and description. It will help you to get high rank in search engine result. Write your focus keyword in Description of the post because it will be shown in the snippet of your post. We suggest you to remove stop words from your title eg. in, is, am , many with much more.

3. Link With Other Posts

Link your every post with other posts. It will decrease your bounce rate and people will stay for more time on your website. Interlinking will increase your Page views and that will helps you a lot in SEO. This is a Very important factor. This may be Best SEO Techniques in 2017 for you.

5. Get Google Authorship

If you are the author then you need to get Google authorship for articles. For this just Connect your Google plus profile with your blog or verify using Webmaster Tools.

6. Site Loading time

It is a very important factor these days because no one want to wait. If your website is responsive then Google will give you High Rank in search result. Make your website responsive For this just buy responsive theme it will cost some but will give you more. We are giving a big discount on Premium WordPress themes. To download premium wordpress theme at cheapest price you can simply visit ThemesCircle

these are the On page Latest SEO Techniques in 2017.

Off Page Latest SEO Techniques in 2017

7. Backlinking :

The most important factor to get high rank in Google. If you want to get a good rank in search engine then you must have strong Backlinks. Backlinks is a link back to your site from other blogs and site. With Backlink you can get more traffic and more Google authority. To make Backlink you need to comment on other Blog’s Posts or have to submit your URL in directories. this is really Best SEO Techniques in 2017. You need quality backlink not the quantity.

Backlinks are always a important part of SEO but now Google stopped providing Page Rank. So we suggest you to get some Backlinks from famous and quality websites. Focus on dofollow backlinks than Nofollow.

8. Social Sharing

According to Google’s new Update Your social integration will also be a very important factor for SEO. If you are sharing your posts or content on Your Social network then you will get more Visitors.

This is the best technique for the newbie blogger because Google will take some time to index your Website. Your blog will appear after some time in Google search engine results but till then you have to increase your social sharing. Share your articles on facebook, twitter and all other famous social networking platforms.


So Tricky Humans these are the Latest SEO Techniques in 2017 that you have to know. These are normal but that is SEO so you have to read these carefully before working on your blog in 2017. If you have any Suggestion or question about this post then you are welcomed at comment box. Do not forgot to share this post with your friends.

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