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Top 10 Best Android Launcher 2017

Top 10 Best Android Launcher 2017

Best Android Launcher

I personally don’t like the android interface so I have used Best Android Launcher 2017. With the Best Launcher For Android, you can easily customize your home screen, menu and all other stuff related to this. Best Android Launcher will give an awesome look to your android phone. There are a lot of other features like Shortcuts, easy to access and Single click Social networking is also the part of Launcher apps.

Top 10 Best Android Launcher 2017

What is an Android Launcher?

An Android Launcher is a third party app that allows us to customize user interface of our mobile Phone. We can make our mobile interface more attractive and useful with these awesome Android Launchers.

So I will suggest you install or try at least a Best Android LauncherAfter it please provides your review by commenting below that which one is the best in the list of Top 10 Best Launcher For Android 2017, So we can provide better results to our users.

In this article, we will provide some awesome, cool and Best Launcher For Android which can simply help you to customize your home screen and look at your menu screen. So let’s check out some Best Launcher For Android 2017

Top 10 Best Android Launcher 2017

Best Android Launcher

1. Go Launcher Ex:

If you are looking for the cool look Best Android Launcher then Go Launcher is the best for you. With this Best Launcher For Android, you can feel the premium look and an awesome grid style of apps. This launcher gives an Apple Launcher and premium look to your android device.

Go Launcher Ex

Various Features of Go Launcher Ex:

  • Fully customize-able grid
  • Flat icons
  • Attractive and easy Transition

2. APEX Launcher:

APEX Launcher

One of the Best Android Launcher is APEX. Apex is best because it is the highly customized launcher for android. Apex is fully free to use and you can feel an awesome look of your android phone with this launcher. With this launcher, you can get unlimited home screens and shortcuts. This makes apex Best Launcher For Android 2015.

Features of Apex Launcher

  • Scroll-able Docs
  • Unlimited scrolling
  • Interactive And Customize-able icons
  • Nice transitional effects
  • Awesome icons

3. Action Launcher

Action Launcher

One of the awesome or Best Android Launcher 2017 is the Action Launcher. a basic standout feature of this tool like covers, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Shutter etc. with these features of the Action launcher you can launch any app with just a single click. In this Best Launcher For Android, you will get a quick search option which makes it simple and easy to search most of your favorite contents like music, apps, contacts.

Features of Action Launcher

  • Flat and attractive icons
  • Customize-able Themes
  • Quick search bar

4. EverythingMe – Best Launcher For Android:


This is one of the Best android launchers which is available for android platform Phones and tablets. As the name of this launcher is everything then you can get everything at a single click away. You can customize your home screen with this launcher.

The best thing about this launcher is The home screen looks very simple and user-friendly in this launcher. you can make the group of apps at home screen with this launcher.

5. Google Now:

Google Now launcher

Google now is the Best Android Launcher because it is made by Google Itself. This launcher has some awesome features like Google Now integration, voice commands and easy access to all Google Products and apps like YouTube, Play store and more. Currently, this Launcher has some basic features like Customization of the home screen and menu screen. So you must check out this cool Launcher for android.

6. Nova Launcher:


This is also a very cool and nice launcher for android platform. with nova Launcher you can customize your phone easily it will give a great look to your phone. It is one of the simple and user-friendly launcher in android platform.

Features of nova

  • Icons And themes
  • Huge and attractive themes
  • Customized applications drawer
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Subgrid positioning

7. Launcher 8 Free:

Launcher 8

If you want to make your android phone look like windows phone then this is the best Launcher for you. This launcher is one of the most downloaded launchers in Android Platform.This launcher simply converts your android phone look into a Windows 8 Phone. You will get a lot of customization option by using them you can make your phone looks more attractive.

8. One Launcher:

One Launcher

If you are a Lover of iPhone menu screen and want to make your phone look like iPhone then One launcher is the best option for you with this launcher you can make your android phone looks like iPhone. You can use all iPhone menu screen option like easy app uninstalling, search bar and app categorization.

Features of One Launcher

  • iPhone Look
  • iPhone Lock Screen
  • Easy App uninstalling
  • Apps groups

9. Dodol Best Android Launcher 2015


The best thing about Dodol Launcher that it is quite simple and fast. This is a fully customize-able launcher for android. It looks great, simple and professional look. You can get a lot of more features with this Launcher.

10. Solo


This is one of the best and free android launchers which can give a lot of impressive features like Google Now voice support, Home Screen gesture, etc. It is one of the fastest launchers for android and it is supported by almost all phone and tablets on android platform. So Must check out this cool and Best Android Launcher 2017.

Are these Best Android Launcher 2017 Useful?


This is a very common and frequently asked question. As I Said that android home screen and menu icons are not so good so I suggest you download at least one Best Android Launcher. With Launcher you can make your phone faster and awesome looks. So Best Android Launcher 2017 are very useful for you.

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